Our firm takes pride in the close ties it maintains with civil society, the financial world and academia. This is one of our key and most distinctive values.

Roca Junyent believes that practising as a lawyer allows our professionals not only to grow as individuals and collectively but also the chance to take an active role in the advancement of society.

In our view this serves a dual purpose: to be in closer contact with our social and economic environments (thus gaining invaluable insight into the circumstances surrounding the matters entrusted to us) and to assist our communities in the path towards progress.

Consistently with our view on the social responsibility of lawyers, our professionals are members of several cultural, legal and financial institutions, and the Firm delivers pro bono legal advice to a significant number of not-for-profit organisations, including a diverse range of NGOs, foundations and associations.

In addition, as a reflection of the Firm’s concern with the issues directly impinging upon the legal profession, a number of the Firm’s partners have been elected, at various times, members of the Barcelona Bar Association’s Governing Board.

Our links with the academic world are another cornerstone of our organisation. At present, several of the Firm’s partners are lecturers at various universities, and many other fee-earners teach in postgraduate university programmes. We work in partnership with universities and other academic institutions by running hands-on workshops (practicums) and specialist programmes and also by hosting internship programmes for trainee lawyers.