In particular, the Public team deals with the following matters :


Roca Junyent has a team highly specialised in public contracting matters. The team is made up by lawyers who are experts in Administrative Law, public and private contracts, and project finance.


The team has advised a variety of actors involved in these transactions, including administrations and public sector entities, contractors and concessionaires.

As part of its range of services, the team delivers comprehensive advice to contracting entities, assisting in the determination of the contractual form most suitable for the operation, the selection of the contracting procedure, the design of public•private partnership deals, the preparation of the contracting file (including the applicable terms and conditions), advice throughout the entire contracting process, review and resolution of appeals, contingencies arising from the implementation or termination of agreements, and enforcement of guarantees. Advice given to bidders and contractors is equally comprehensive and encompasses any issues related to these arrangements, including review of bid terms and conditions, bid preparation, drafting appeals in contract•related matters, and conducting negotiations aimed at redressing the financial equilibrium of the deal or leading to contractual amendments.

The multidisciplinary character of Roca Junyent’s Public Contracting teams means it is particularly qualified to advice on transactions involving the public and private sectors which require complex financing and guarantee structures.