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In particular, the Entrepreneur Support team deals with the following matters :

Corporate and Commercial - Entrepreneur Support

The business worls is in the midst of change. The current economic climate has forced companies to consider new strategies to adapt their business models to the new market context and any projects that have not adapted are likely to fail.

The pressing need to reinvent themselves has brought about a new phase for companies that encourages experimentation with new ideas and business models, where the proliferation and constant development of new technologies plays a decisice role.

In this context the entrepreneur is a key player, a driver of the economy with enormous future potential.

Roca Junyent’s Entrepreneur Support Area was created to address the needs of entrepreneurs, bearing in mind that each business project must be carefully handled according to its characteristics.

The Entrepreneur Support Area therefore offers legal advice to entrepreneurs according to the new legal framework specific to these professionals being implemented in the Spanish legal system, accompanying them from the embryo stage of their projects through to the expansion and consolidation of their businesses. Additionally, thanks to Roca Junyent’s multi•disciplinary office, entrepreneurs have access to a comprehensive range of legal advisory services encompassing all areas of the law.