In particular, the Dutch Desk team deals with the following matters :

Dutch Desk

At the Dutch Desk, we advise Dutch companies interested in Spain, offering them immediate legal counsel in all areas of law. As such, we operate alongside our colleagues in different departments, in order to strengthen the services our clients require, at any time, whilst drawing on the broad range of knowledge we possess in both markets and cultures.

Likewise, given the power of the Dutch business world, as well as of the Dutch language and culture, we guide and advise Spanish companies in the Netherlands throughout the entire expansion process. In order to do so, we coordinate our legal counsel and the investments in the Netherlands via our excellent contacts with the main Dutch law offices. We also accompany Spanish companies and present them to different Dutch bodies and institutions, conversely advising companies from the Netherlands in their relationships with Spanish bodies. Our extensive experience, alongside collaboration with high•ranking law firms from Holland, guarantees the success of any international endeavours embarked upon by Roca Junyent clients.

The partner responsible for this desk, Rosa Isabel Peña, boasts extensive knowledge of the Dutch business world, culture and language. Likewise, she maintains close, lasting and continuous relationships with the Netherlands, both on an institutional and business level. As a result, she is also the Netherlands Ambassador for the “Catalonia Trade and Investment Ambassadors Network” program, organized by ACCIÓ.