In particular, the China Desk team carries out its activities in the following fields :

China Desk

Roca Junyent’s China Desk advises Spanish clients looking to establish themselves in China and those active in this country. The China Desk also advises Chinese clients on their investment projects in Spain as well as those already established in this country.

In 2002 Roca Junyent opened an office in Shanghai and thus became the first Spanish law firm to set up camp in China. This followed the integration of Herrero Advocats into this Firm in 2007.

Roca Junyent’s Shanghai office is run by a superbly qualified team of Chinese and Spanish professionals equipped with a deep understanding of the Chinese legal system. This ensures that Roca Junyent is able to maintain the required license to operate in the Chinese legal market, granted by the Chinese Ministry of Justice using stringent, highly selective tests.

Corporate Law and Foreign Investment

  • Setting up of corporate structures (companies, WFOEs, JVs or FICEs; M&A, etc.).
  • Drafting of contracts and articles of association.
  • Planning, negotiation with local partners.
  • Restructuring and liquidation processes.

Copyrights and IP Law

  • Registration and protection of patents, copyrights and trade marks.
  • Technology transfers and intellectual property rights.
  • Negotiation of licenses.
  • Business secrets, data protection, marketing and advertising.

Tax Law

  • Advice on tax credits and exemptions.
  • Customs, duties and tariffs.
  • Handling of customs procedures.

Real Estate Law

  • Purchase, transfer, leasing and amortization of land use rights.
  • Commercial and residential leases.

Employment and Environmental Law

  • Remuneration packages (salaries, bonuses and incentives).
  • Contracts of employment.
  • Employment tenders or arbitration.
  • Administrative applications for environmental permits.

Litigation and ADR

  • Litigation.
  • Fraud related to letters of credit.
  • Non•contractual (tort) liability.
  • Infringement of copyrights and IP rights. Anti•trust law.
  • Representation in mediation, conciliation and arbitration proceedings.


In parallel with the above, the Roca Junyent offices located in Spain, with the support of the Shanghai office as required, provide a full range of legal consultancy services to both Chinese companies and business owners about their investment projects in Spain and to those who are already established in the country. These services include understanding the language, the legal system, the environment and business culture of their Chinese clients.

To this end, Roca Junyent relies on a qualified team of Spanish and Chinese professionals based in Spain, which offers its clients a comprehensive consultancy service covering all relevant legal aspects for their investments, business transactions and trade in Spain.

Roca Junyent works in partnership with Casa Asia. The two organisations work together to promote and implement actions to facilitate business, cultural and social relations between the Asian and Spanish communities.